Growth & balance through Art Therapy

Art therapist based in Central Vietnam offering private art therapy sessions and professional consultation services for companies. 

“My motivation for being an art therapist is a true love of art. I’ve experienced first-hand how making art contains healing properties”

My main focus is to guide achieving a balanced mind, body and soul. To make the invisible visible in a safe and nurturing environment. To find the tools to cope with life and to stay connected to yourself. I welcome you, regardless of your race, ethnicity, religion, gender and sexual orientation.

About Art Therapy

In art therapy, we focus on the process and not the result. Within the process, we focus on providing insight and encouraging personal development and healing. This results in a better balance between our actions, our thoughts and our emotions.

An important part of anthroposophy is that human beings are viewed holistically, which means that body, mind and soul are always connected. Art therapy and anthroposophy are connected in my practice.

The education of art therapy is medically oriented, which means that it is suitable as a supplement to regular medical & psychological treatment.

Who is Art Therapy For?

Ceramics using River Clay for Art Therapy

Art Therapy for children

What a child cannot say, they can express through art. Art Therapy can provide a clear view of what is going on inside a child's heard and help familiy members to gain insight on how best to support them.

Watercolour painting for Art Therapy

Art Therapy for Adults

Colours and shapes are a language that the unconscious soul recognizes. Talking and thinking are not required during the Art Exercises. Art Therapy enables the ability to be in control of your own healing.

Watercolour painting

Consulting Services

What does Well-being within your company look like? Are you looking to offer training for your staff with a lasting and positive effect.The versatility of Art Therapy can provide team building, training or events.

Services Offered

One-on-one therapy sessions for adults and children

I offer one-on-one art therapy sessions featuring tailor-made exercises that apply to individuals who are seeking more balance, connection and growth. During our first in-person session, therapeutic goals will be discussed together. Based on the goals, plus initial observation of free artwork, I will guide you through a series of therapeutic art exercises over several weeks. 

Suitable for anyone who is open to exploring therapy through art and is looking to heal and grow. 

Consulting for corporate companies, wellness businesses and schools

Consultation can look like team building, designing therapy or coaching for your clientele, advising your management and/or team members. Subjects can be; staff well-being, teamwork in harmony, discovering direction & navigating change within the company, discovering potential & increasing productivity. This can be done in a group setting and individually. 

I can advise schools and/or work with individual students. Examples of subjects can be learning disabilities, bullying, anxiety, and dealing with changes (moving home, separation from parents, loss). 

Different Techniques used in Art Therapy

Clay Modelling

River clay is a wonderful, versatile therapeutic medium that requires warmth, energy and strength. The kneeding and modeling can even be an equivalent to physical labour, at the same time it provides relaxation and excitement.


Drawing is considered a medium that appeals to the ratio, or the mind. It is very versatile due to the many different techniques and exercises. Mandala drawing, shade techniques, layering, form drawing, perpective drawing, observation drawing. Different materials are more suitable for different techniques and exercises.


Painting connects to our feeling and emotions. Colours correspond with deeper layers of us. Watercolour, as the name already gives away, is finding a balance between paint and water. Acrylic paint is intense in colour and is great for expressive, (semi) abstract work.

Find out more

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Client Artwork

The client artwork featured throughout the site are artworks consented by the client. The client’s name is not displayed to protect their identity.