Why choose Art Therapy?

Art Therapy is for adults and children who would like to find their inner balance and work through /towards any questions or goals. I work with children from 4 to 5 years and up. 

There is no prior experience with making art needed. 

Art Therapy Services

For therapy to be ‘successful’, it is important for you to be aware of your own healing process. This way, you have the tools to implement healing and maintain balance in daily life and continue on the same path after your therapeutic process has ended. With the term successful is meant the focus is on feeling more in balance rather than a measurable result.

Who is Art Therapy for

Art Therapy for Children

Children overflow with creativity and have a rich inner world. Combine these two and witness an extraordinary process of children showing you their feelings, memories and thoughts, through their artwork. Art Therapy can reveal so much more and can be so much richer in information than children just expressing themselves with words. 

What a child cannot say, they can express through art. This gives an art therapist, a clear view of what is going on inside the child’s head. This leads you, as a parent, family member or guardian, to gain a unique insight.

The goal – always – is to increase happiness and balance within the child. During Art Therapy, the child does not have to do anything. There is time and space for the child to be just as they are.

Art therapy is incredibly versatile and is suitable for any child who is physically able to hold a pencil or paintbrush.

The majority of children experience joy from making art and are keen to work with different materials and explore art techniques. Colours are like living beings to children; ‘this blue makes me feel calm, and my yellow wants to dance around!’ Did you know that colours are experienced even more intensely by children than by adults?

Childrens Art Therapy Exercises Painting

Art Therapy for Adults

Accessing your creative abilities (again) can be joyful by itself. I will even say that art keeps us young. Ideally, all human beings are balanced, if we are unbalanced, we fall ill, either physically or mentally. We feel unwell. Well-being through art is achievable and a beautiful approach to healing.

Colours and shapes are a language that the unconscious soul recognizes. Talking and thinking are not required during art therapy. You are letting yourself be as you are. This will allow you to accept your current situation, review it, and move towards change from there. Art Therapy enables the ability to be in control of your own healing.

I research what materials and methods best suit your therapeutic request. A request or wish could look like this: increasing vitality, catching your breath, experiencing connection, increasing inner movement, coping with life events, increase the ability to deal with emotions.

Most art exercises come with relaxation, a change of perspective, providing a clear mind. Therefore there is a lingering effect. There is no need to ‘remember’, the body and mind take note and store whatever positive effects it wants to absorb. This highlights again why a nonverbal therapy like Art Therapy, is such a refreshing approach to healing.

Art therapy can be combined with any other therapy and / or treatment.

Watercolour painting by client

Art Therapy Consulting Services

Well-being within your company, what does that look like?

Looking to offer training within your company that will leave a positive and lasting effect?

Theoretic training courses are often forgotten, whereas learning based on experiences is working much better. Due to the versatility of art exercises, as team building sessions, training or events can be made to your liking.  Choose a different perspective and intrigue your team. Any theme can be approached in a playful way.

Are you a company that has a wellness-centered approach? Are you wishing to broaden your wellness programme and attract customers with a remarkable and exclusive offer? Relaxation is something that is easily achieved through art. Add in the deeper meaning behind art, and you will find that any theme can be translated through a series of noteworthy art exercises.

A tailor-made programme can be made for you, where art plays a vital role in the wellness and relaxation of your customers. The variety, in combination with the meaning behind the art, will provide an unforgettable experience.

A consulting trajectory will start with an intake where I will get to know the company culture and the target group. Combined with your request and the motivation behind the increase of wellness through art, a tailor-made proposal will then be presented to you. A varied programme or training with a unique, professional approach is what you can expect when choosing to consult Kat.

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Other concerns

Art Therapy Process

Phase 1 - Orientation

For anyone interested in starting with Art Therapy the orientation phase is online and/ or in person.

Any question can be asked via email and/or via a 15 min Zoom consultation free of charge. 

The first in-person session is an opportunity to honestly decide if you would like to work together. Being comfortable with your therapist is vital to building a relationship where you feel safe. 

Phase 2 - Diagnostic

We start with free work, which means you are invited to paint, draw and do clay modelling without any specific goal other than to express yourself. 

The free work is interpreted via a specific method, which focuses purely on what the free work reveals.

The goals of the therapy will be worked out together. A therapeutic plan is made by the therapist based on the free work interpretation, in combination with the discussed goals and other relevant information. 

Phase 3 - Therapeutic Art Excercises

You will be guided through the process of the therapeutic art exercises step by step. 

The therapeutic plan can change over time, as other goals or wishes might arise during the process. We assess continuously how the therapeutic process is affecting you. 

Phase 4 - Conclusion

In this phase, we might decide to wrap up the process or pause. It is important that the therapeutic experience feels well-rounded and fulfilling. We discuss how this process has been for you and we summarise how we feel we are with our goals and wishes. 

Upon request, a report can be written for other health practitioners. All of the artworks are yours to take home with you. 

Find out more

If you are considering Art Therapy and have more questions, or would just like to find out more, please check the Frequently Asked Questions Page

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