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Below are some of the most frequent questions about Art Therapy and my consulting services. 

I welcome your questions and look forward to working with you to achieve your goals.  Below are some of the most frequent questions I am asked about Art Therapy and my consulting services. 

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Yes, I am ethically bound to keep all that is shared in a therapy session private. No information will be shared with third parties unless agreed in advance by you. This included teenagers and communication with their parents. For children under 10, there will be communication with parents regarding the therapeutic process.

Children of all ages have the right to ask for confidentiality. The therapist will discuss with the child, what details may be shared with the parents.

The exception to confidentiality is if you disclose that you are in danger of harming yourself or someone else or in danger of ending your life. In this case, the emergency contact will be contacted by me. I do have a supervisor overseeing my work to ensure a high level of assistance for all clients. This is a normal practice for therapists. The identity of the client will not be revealed during supervision.

$42 per one to one art therapy session including art materials

Yes I am. My Bachelor of Art Therapy degree is from the University of Applied Sciences in Leiden, in the Netherlands. My four-year full-time studies were anthroposophically inspired, meaning medical knowledge is integrated with anthroposophical insights. 

Yes, I work with adults and children and tailor all activities to the goals we have set together in our initial consultation and and free work sessions.

Within a small community, there is a chance of bumping into each other. You may or may not wish to acknowledge that we know each other. I will not initiate contact and I will not disclose if and how we know each other. Basic ethical standards apply to the relationship between the client and the therapist. Socialising and friendship are not part of the therapeutic alliance.

The in-person first session will be used for assessment purposes. Therefore this is not seen as a treatment yet and is unlikely to have lasting benefits for you. The suggested weekly or bi-weekly sessions ensure a therapeutic process.

Kindly reach out to me via email to be informed of my current availability. Weekend appointments are possible upon request.

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